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Insurance in case of natural disasters

In Spain, private insurance does not cover physical nor material damage caused by natural disasters, like extraordinary floods, earthquakes, terrorist acts or the actions of the Armed Forces. In these cases, the Insurance Compensation Consortium (Consorcio de...

Exceptional Weather Insurance Claims

Most of the time, in cases of extraordinary weather conditions, damages to your house will be covered by your house insurance. In special cases certain damages will be covered by a semi-public organisation called Consorcio de Compensación de seguros (CCS in short).

The Do’s & Don’ts of Travel Insurance

It is always a good idea, whenever we travel for leisure or for business, to be covered by travel insurance. Travel insurance is designed to cover possible eventualities happening during the trip like illness, loss of luggage and vehicle breakdown.

House Insurance Pitfalls

When purchasing house insurance, there are several concepts that the buyer needs to keep in mind before choosing the most appropriate policy.

Rights of the passenger in cases of delay, cancellation, overbooking and lost luggage

Every time we buy a ticket from a transport company e.g. plane, train, coach, etc we implicitly enter a contractual agreement with that transport firm. The contract is generally named “conditions of carriage”, “terms and conditions” or other similar names. It can be found in the company website and sometime in small print at the back of the ticket or in one of the receipts after the purchase. When we buy a ticket online we implicitly sign the contract by ticking the box stating that we accept the conditions of the transport company.

What is insurance?

Insurance is probably the most ancient (and nowadays the most common) form of risk management. We can define it as the transfer of the risk of a loss from one entity to another in exchange for a premium. In practice the person (the insured or policyholder) is buying...