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Commercial rents and covid

One of the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic is creating worldwide is the havoc that it is causing in the economy the measures impose by the authorities in relation to economic activity. In Spain, depending on the autonomous region that the activity is based, there...

Labelling on food products

As a standard, a label of a food product, by law, must give the following information: The name of the company and its address (producer, packer or seller of the product) List of ingredients including allergens, quantity of certain ingredients Minimum duration or...

Reform of the Spanish Trademark Law 2019

With the BOE (the Official State Gazette) of December 27, 2018, Royal Decree Law 23/2018 the reform of the current Trademark Law took effect on January 14, 2019, except in some sections that have a specific term of application. In order to allow a correct functioning...

Starting a business in Spain

The report “Doing Business 2016” published by The World Bank leaves Spain at rank 86. “Emprende en 3” was an initiative created in January 2014 for shorten the time to start a business to 3 days. The list of town halls enrolled in the program can be found at...

Crowd funding legislation in Spain

Crowdfunding is a financing model that is rapidly gaining momentum all over the world. It works by collecting monetary contributions from a large number of people through an internet platform, with the objective to finance a project or a venture.

Loss of Work Compensation

If a company in Spain employs you and for any reason you get fired, there are several administration procedures that have to be pursued.

January Sales: Consumer Rights

January and July are traditionally periods when shops are offering discounts and sales. In Spain this is regulated by the law 1/2007 of the 30 November. This law which is also called “ley de consumidores” has been updated several times (last update came on the 29 March 2014).

Broadband: What You Get

In Spain consumer-grade, fixed broadband is delivered to the clients using mainly 5 types of technologies: ADSL2+, VDSL2, FTTH (or fibre to the home), Coaxial cable and WLL (Wireless local loop, long range WiFi or any other wireless technology with the objective of simulating a fixed landline connection).

The new Spanish law on private security 2014

This law has a very wide range of applications; covering private guards services (the guards that for example work in Banks and shopping malls), private detectives, alarm and video security systems companies, IT security firms and bodyguards.

Spanish Golden Visa for investors

Last September the Spanish parliament approved Law 14/2013 of the 27 September also called “law for the support to entrepreneurs and their internationalization”. The law came into effect on the 29th September and its main objectives are to make life easier for self-employed people and to make access to credit easier for small medium enterprises.

Misleading Advertising

Advertisements surround us. Every day we are exposed both consciously and unconsciously to advertising. Marketers want to promote their products and so they tend to highlight the benefits and hide the deficiencies of what they are trying to sell. Very often they cross the thin line between what is true and what is false.

Limited Company Abandonment

We can define “limited company abandonment” as the situation where the shareholders and/or administrators of a limited company stop working effectively bringing commercial activities to a halt. This often happens when the company has debts and the shareholders/directors/administrators are unwilling to deal with the compulsory liquidation process, publish the accounts and pay their tax obligations. This situation can be extremely harmful to company creditors as the normal bankruptcy process cannot be followed and the normal debt collection process will be distorted.

The “EU cookie directive”, behavioural advertising and practical considerations for Spain

On 25th May 2011 the EU set a deadline to the individual member countries to enforce directive 2009/136/EC amending Directive 2002/58/EC on “the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector”. This is the well known “cookie directive”, that was largely misinterpreted by the media, creating a wave of concern among web sites owners.

Personal data protection laws in Spain

In Spain, Personal data protection is regarded as a topic of the utmost importance. Article 18.4 of the Spanish constitution of 1978 says:
The law will limit the use of information technology in order to guarantee honour, personal and family intimacy of citizens and all their rights.

Disputes over Internet domain names

What is a domain name? Without going into technical details, a Domain Name is the “address” of a resource on the Internet. For example www.velascolawyers.com is the address of Velasco Lawyers website and [email protected] is the email address of the...

Ecommerce and VAT in Spain

Nowadays Setting up an ecommerce business is increasingly easy. Nevertheless the delocalization of business entities, goods and methods of payment can be an accounting and legal challenge. Spain is a very good place for deploying an ecommerce business, as the VAT is...

A Business Law view on the New Criminal Law 2010 in Spain

On the 23rd December 2010 the new reformed Penal code will come into force. This is one of the major law updates since 2003. The new modifications are designed to provide new devices for fighting town planning and organised crime and for the Spanish legal system to...

How to create a non profit organisation in Spain and its taxation

What is a Non Profit Organisation? A non profit organisation is basically a group of people with a common objective, it is a democratic organisation where the activities are non profitable and it is independent from the State, political parties and companies.  It is...

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is basically personal and property rights which are attributed to the author of a work.  Intellectual property is made up of two categories that of Industrial Property and Copyright.  Industrial Property includes patents for inventions,...

How to start a business in Spain

Starting your own business in Spain is a good idea, especially if you want to earn an income while residing here. There are many advantages to starting a small business and becoming your own boss, however, there are also a number of things to consider before you take...