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Health Care Spain – Entitlement

Since the law 16/2012 dated 20 April came into force in Spain (Law of urgent measures to ensure the sustainability of the national health system) many things have changed regarding the requirements for accessing the Spanish public health care system.

Social-Security Aid for Pregnancy in Spain

Pregnant women, resident in Spain and registered in the Spanish social security, are entitled to a series of benefits depending on their particular situation. There are also additional benefits depending on the autonomous community in which you are resident.

School Admission in Spain

In Spain, the education system is regulated by the LOE or Ley Organica de Education. This law states the major principles and requirements for running the system. Nevertheless the implementation of these principles is delegated to the different autonomous regions resulting in many differences in the day-to-day functioning of schools.

Can I get divorced in Spain?

Yes. In accordance to Spanish law, the Spanish Courts and Tribunals are competent in matters of personal and patrimonial relations between couples, marriage annulment, separation and divorce, when both parties reside in Spain, or at least one, at the time of placing...