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Property Purchase and Sales

The attraction of living in this part of Europe has lead to a buoyant property market. The process of purchasing or selling a property in Spain is different to many other European countries and we cannot emphasis that enough. For example, all deeds to purchase and sell property are mainly signed at the notary office, using the advice of a lawyer and inscribed at the land registry after the payment of the taxes. Traditionally in Spain many transfers would be done through private contracts of sale between family members and in the villages everyone knew and trusted each other.

Newly built house However, things have changed and it is now advisable to use the services of an Independent Lawyer, although many first time buyers are still seduced by the sea, sun, and persuasive salesmen and so contribute to the horror stories highlighted by the media. As the victims later say, in their own country they would never buy a property without first consulting a solicitor.

As part of our service we will explain the transaction process and will deal with the estate agent and vendor / purchaser, undertake local searches, investigate legal title and ensure that the property is debt free. We can open a bank account and arrange your foreigners identification number (NIE). We will explain any tax implications of your purchase or sale. The draft and final contract that you sign will be translated into English so you know exactly what you are signing. We will accompany you to the Notary office and as part of our service will draft a Power of Attorney which will save you the trouble to be here at the completion date.

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