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Pregnant women, resident in Spain and registered in the Spanish social security, are entitled to a series of benefits depending on their particular situation. There are also additional benefits depending on the autonomous community in which you are resident.

Standard Social security aid

There are three circumstances in which the Spanish social security will grant a payment of payment of 1000€

A single parent family

  • When either the mother or the father has a disability of more than 65%
  • The birth happens in a large family. ( as by defined by the law 40/2003, 18 of November)
  • Aid in cases of two or more
  • If twins, the aid will be of 2,565€, triplets will be of 5,131.20€ and 7,696.80€ for 4 or more.

Maternity leave for self employed workers

Self employedSelf-employed workers that have contributed to the Spanish social security during the last 7 years and for at least 180 days, are entitled to maternity leave of 16 weeks. The leave will start either from the date of birth or from a previous date, if agreed with the social security office.

Maternity aid can be requested at the social security office and will start on the first day of the quarter following the request.

Deduction from income tax

Families that just had a birth will be able to deduct up to 1200€ of income tax for every child less than 3 years old. The deduction can be received in instalments of 100€ per month or be deduced from the total tax declaration.

In order to benefit from this deduction there must be at least 15 days of contribution during the month when the benefit is requested. It will be necessary to submit form 140 at the tax office or submit the request on the tax office website http://www.agenciatributaria.com

Breastfeeding leave

Parents have the right of temporary leave in order to feed naturally or artificially newborn babies aged less than 9 months, without impacting on the monthly salary. This right can be enjoyed by the father or the mother and can be extended for multiple births.

The law grants the right to one hour of leave from work (incremented for multiple births). Parents can opt for cumulating the leave in full days of work, but that is upon agreement with the employer and agreement with the standard work contracts.

If the father or the mother that asks for breastfeeding leave is self employed, law 20/2007 on self employedself-employed workers states that leave will be granted only in extreme conditions, citing stress, environmental conditions and dangerous chemicals as factors that can reduce breastfeeding abilities of mothers.

Local autonomous communities aid

Additional aid will vary according to the area of residency of the parents.
In the case of Andalusia more information can be found at http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/temas/trabajar/relaciones/conciliacion/ayudas.html

Rights of the father

With law 3/2007 for the equality between men and women, fathers can share with mothers the right for a leave after the birth of the child. In this context fathers can ask for up to 13 days of leave after birth or adoption. This period can be extended in case of multiple births.