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If you decided to take out a mortgage in Spain, Velasco Lawyers will help you look for the best deal by contacting several banks in the area. In Spain there are good mortgage rates and some banks have special products designed for non-resident borrowers. We may have to open an account at the bank that you decided to have the mortgage with. The bank will send a surveyor to the property to value it. The surveyors bill will be around 500-600 € for a property valued at around 200.000 €, although these costs are variable. The bank will lend a percentage of the value of the property, normally around 70%, although they could go up to around 80% in some cases. The bank will ask for the following information and documentation: A photocopy of your passport, home address, marital status, a copy of your last P60, the last three salary receipts, a copy of the contract with the builder or the vendor which shows the purchase price.