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After Brexit, all existing traffic agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom will not be valid. In this case, UK driving licences will only be valid for driving in Spain during the first 9 months after Brexit, provided they are valid and in force.

After this period for visits up to six months, you will not need International driving permit (IDP), if you have a valid UK driving licence. Otherwise, you must have a 1949 IDP or to apply/exchange for a driving licence in Spain (when possible).

You can get an IDP on https://www.postoffice.co.uk/identity/international-driving-permit#bf-full-width

UK citizens resident in Spain, must exchange, renew or replace their British driving licence for a Spanish one, submitting the application before 31st January 2020 (or before the end of the implementation period). Only when the application is made before Brexit, the exchange of the license will be processed. If the application is made, after Brexit, the UK driving licence will be considered as a licence from a third country and the holder will need to pass driving test in Spain.

There are three different procedures to change the driving licence :
  •           Exchange the British license to a Spanish one (homologation) with the same duration as the British license had, or
  •           Renewal (if your British licence has expired) or
  •           Substitution (in case of loss or deterioration).
What documentation is necessary?
  •           Completed application form including a statement of not being stopped by a court judgement of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds and of not having another EU or EEA driving licence of the same class,
  •           Valid passport,
  •           Spanish residency card,
  •           Medical certificate
  •           A valid UK driving licence which shall be exchanged,
  •           Proof of payment of the fees (form 791),
  •           A recent true likeness of the applicant photo of 32×26 mm, in colour
  •           Fullfill the requirements of the Spanish Road Department (DGT).

During the exchange process, the original UK driving licence will be withdrawn and a temporary0 one   will be issued which will be valid for three months and only valid to drive within Spain. If you want to drive abroad, you must apply for an International permit at the DGT.

In a period of approximately one month and a half, the actual permit will be sent by post to your home address. If you do not receive your Spanish driving licence after a reasonable time , you should contact your legal  adviser or go in person to the DGT and inform them about this, so that they can check what had happened and send the licence to you again.